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We at care about our customers before anything else. Moving to a new home or office can be extremely difficult and compiled with the other problems of a busy life it can be unbearable. That is why we want to do as much as we can to make a move a trouble free and relaxing experience. We still feel that this would not be enough and that is why we take careful consideration of the costs of our services. In these turbulent financial times we do not want to charge someone for what they don’t need and that is why we avoid having strict package deals and instead ask the customer what they want and them with exactly what they want so they only pay for what they use.

This dedication to our customers is something we consider when hiring out staff. While calling a removal form such as ourselves can be a convenient and useful service it can be awkward for a customer as they have to trust strangers coming into their home (both new and old) handling all their personal belongings. They have to trust these people will take extra care so nothing is broken and lost. They want them to be handled as if they were doing it themselves. It’s these reason and more that we only hire friendly and respectful staff. We want out team to do everything they can to make a move relaxing by guiding our client through the move, answering their questions and giving them advice. We are strict that they treat a person’s belongings as if they were their own, so that they put extra time in wrapping, packing and carrying the goods so that nothing broken, lost of even dirtied.

We also only hire staff who are the best at their job. They could be the friendliest person in the world but if they can’t do the work then we have no time for them. We want them to know the removal business inside and out. They have to know that packaging to use on what item, how things should be put into containers so that they are easy to carry as well as securing the goods inside them.  They have to be trained in heavy lifting so that nothing is dropped and that no one is injured. Health and safety may be seen as some sort of strict rules but we see it as a serious issue to ensure that our customers and staff and not hurt. We want our customer’s belongings to be safe but we put the wellbeing of people before that. We expect our employees to know how to dismantle and construct furniture, how to move large objects through buildings as well as be able to drive the appropriate transport safely.

The services we provide for our customer should handle absolutely anything that could come up during a move. Obviously we provide assistance with packing, lifting and transport but we go the extra mile to provide the best deals for our clients. Our storage facilities that can help take the edge of a move or cover any unexpected problems are there for their convenience as we take extra effort to keep their things secure and allow them access at any time. We do huge amounts of work when it comes to international moves but it is worth to make a customer’s dream come true. is the best removal service available and we pride ourselves on that fact. Call us now on 020 8746 4342 so show you that we are as good as our word.