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06 June 2016
Important Storage Solutions for a Successful Relocation
Important Storage Solutions for a Successful Relocation

Important Storage Solutions for a Successful Relocation

When you are considering moving house, you may not feel like you have a great grasp on everything straight away. For this reason, planning can be very important, but there will always be things that you forget, and one factor that is often easily overlooked is the idea of getting storage sorted in advance. Whether you are moving in to a small home or just need to put some extra bits and pieces away, storage can be difficult, so you may need a few pointers as to how to come to terms with everything that you need to consider when selecting your storage options. We have compiled a few important storage solutions for a successful relocation, so that you know what to look out for from the start.

There are three categories under which most storage factors fall. They are Size, Location and Type. We will take you through those three headings and give you the ins and outs of each.

Size is obviously a very important factor for storage, as you will need to fit everything that you have in, but will not want to be paying extra for room that you do not need. Many of us find it hard to work out how much space we need, but there are a couple of techniques that you can use to work these things out. Firstly, think about the size of van that you will be using to transport these things that you need to store. If everything fits in a certain size van fairly easily, then you know that anything that is a similar size will accommodate your belongings. Should you not know until the day what size van you will be using, then do the same for a room in your house, and visualize everything in that room. This way you can come to terms with how the storage locker should be sized. Make sure that you order a locker with a little more space than you think you absolutely need, as this way you can add to the stored items at a later date, or make allowances for issues with stacking and packing that you may not have foreseen.

Location is essential, depending on how often you will be visiting your items. The whereabouts of the storage unit can make differences to the price that you pay as well, as space in the city is of a premium, and just like house prices and rent, the cost goes up the more popular the area is. You may find it worthwhile to use a facility that is in the countryside, rather than in an urban area to bring the price down a little. Obviously you do not want to make this a false economy however, as if you are traveling to the lock up quite often, the distance that you have to travel may make the saving less worthwhile.

The type of storage that you require depends on what you are storing. At any rate, you should only really be storing things that are particularly valuable to you, otherwise the cost of storage is highly unlikely to be worth it. If you have items that are particularly hardy against the elements, then some storage locations will be a lot cheaper because they are actually garages or converted barns. If this is the case then you should be completely sure that your items will not suffer from rot, damp or mould, or you may find that everything that you have stored is suddenly completely worthless.