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06 June 2016
New Neighbours in your NW1 area, Welcome Gift Ideas
New Neighbours in your NW1 area, Welcome Gift Ideas

New Neighbours in your NW1 area, Welcome Gift Ideas

If you are living in the NW1 area, and especially if you have lived there for some time, you may have new neighbours from time to time. If you do then you will most likely want to introduce yourself as soon as possible and get to know the people who will be living next door, you will want to welcome them to the neighbourhood and make them feel at home in the new house. The best way that you can do this is to buy or make for them a welcome gift.

There are so many ways that you can welcome someone to your neighbourhood, most of them are free and so it doesn’t always have to cost you money. If the welcome gift does cost you, you can always speak to some of your other neighbours and ask them to split these costs with you, your new neighbour would most likely appreciate this gesture as well as appreciating that the community spirit in their new neighbourhood.

Before you start thinking about things that you can buy or put together for your new neighbour, try to get an idea as to who will be living there. An elderly couple moving in next door will require a completely different gift to that of a new young family moving in. You can usually find out this kind of information from the estate agent in charge of selling the house, they won’t be able to give you the personal details about who is moving in, but they can give you enough information for you to choose a good gift idea. Avoid being nosy, the estate agent could pass this onto the new neighbours and this could make them dislike you before they have even moved in.

Regardless of whether you have a welcome gift or not, you should always make the time to go round to your new neighbours, once they have had chance to settle in, and introduce yourself. Welcome them to the neighbourhood, tell them who you are and who else lives in your house and make them feel like if they need anything at all you are there for them. You could tell the new neighbour things that they need to know about living on the estate, such as when the bins and the recycling are collected, for example. And give them an idea as to what the area and the community are like. If you have a neighbourhood watch scheme, explain what you do to the new neighbours and how they can get involved if they want to.

Consider cooking your new neighbours a casserole, or something home-made. Moving is a stressful and busy time so it is likely that they won’t have the time to cook anything decent for themselves, your home-cooked meal would happily be received.

Put a food basket together: if you are no wiz in the kitchen, you may not want to or may not be confident enough to cook a home-made meal for your new neighbours, if this is the case then consider putting a food basket together instead. Here are some food basket ideas:

• Fruit basket: filled with a variety of fruits, this will give your new neighbours something to snack on and it is likely that they won’t have any fresh fruit in the house having just moved.
• Soup basket: buy some tins of soup and some fresh bread and/or croutons, and fill the basket with this and some bowls and spoons. Include everything in the basket that the new neighbours will need in order to have a nice quick soupy snack.
• Gourmet basket: buy some fresh bread or crackers and a tub of butter, some cooked meats and cheeses, and put all of these in a basket, together with plates and knives.

Make your new neighbour a welcome pack. Include things like a map of the area which you have annotate with local amenities, such as doctors, shops etc. also include things like business cards/vouchers for local businesses and restaurants, and some take away menu’s that are local enough to deliver. Also consider adding a local newsletter or paper, and any information you have regarding events going on in the local area in the up-coming months.