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06 June 2016
NW1 House Removals: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid
NW1 House Removals: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

NW1 House Removals: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

When relocating home most people are so stressed and worried that they forget doing certain things, or they simply don’t do them as they should. There is nothing wrong about making mistakes once in a while, because after all, we are all human beings and we are not perfect, but there are some mistakes which could cost you a lot of resources and they can be avoided. But when it comes to their NW1 house removals, most people don’t even realize what their mistakes were, even if the moving went wrong, they still ask themselves why. This happens a lot, because when taking care of your house removal you simply forget to do certain things and this could ruin your entire relocation. Here is a list with top 5 most common mistakes when it comes to NW1 house removals:

1. Never hire a removal company NW1 without getting a surveyor`s estimate first. You will want to take this into account if you don’t want to end up paying more for the services they provide. The companies that provide good quality services will send someone round free who lets the removals company know how many possessions you have. This way the company will know what types and how many vehicles will be necessary.

2. Label the boxes in which you have packed your belongings. The best would be to label them with the room they are supposed to be put it and a small summary of their contents. This way, you will avoid rummaging in them after you settle in your new home. It will also be helpful for the personnel from the Marylebone removal company that will help you unload. If you label the boxes, it will also be easier for them and less stressful because they will know immediately where the box goes.

3. Don’t forget to record the utility readings. Many people make this mistake when they relocate, and then they pay for services that they didn’t use. Make sure that before you leave your old house, you write down the readings and then pass them to your supplier so you`ll have to pay exactly what you owe and no more. You could also see if you can find a cheaper supplier for your new home.

4. Set up the new services before your moving day. Many people do that only after they moved in their new home and then they realize that they don’t have gas or electricity. This is a big inconvenient since you usually have to wait a few days until they are set up. If you want to avoid this situation, make sure you set your new services earlier than your removal day.

5. Plan your first few days after you move. You should take into consideration that after moving in your new home you will need to eat, a place where to sleep and many other small things like toiletries. The best it would to pack a small survival kit with the things you will need most in your few days after you relocated.