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06 June 2016
Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Possessions
Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Possessions

Taking Care of Your Most Valuable Possessions

The belongings you will probably worry about the most during your relocation will be those which have sentimental value to you. Pictures, gifts, items, memorable to you with some special occasion or moment are certainly a lot dearer to you than some kitchen utensils or devices for instance. You have to pack them carefully and smartly in order for them to arrive safely in your new home. After all, you are not starting a brand new life so you want your old memories in your new living place. You wouldn’t want the first memory of your new home to be how you damaged and lost your most precious possessions. This article will give you tips on how to protect your most precious items.

The ultimate protective formula for any item that is easily breakable and highly vulnerable when a collision occurs is to cover it with bubble wrap and packing paper. The bubble wrap protects the item every time it accidentally gets hit and the packing paper can be put to great use when it is placed in the corners of the item’s box. This way no matter how often the item is forced to collide with the sides of the box, it will still be protected.  Bubble wrap and packing paper are extremely cheap, easily replaceable and easy to find. Instead of packing paper for example you could use cardboard. Instead of bubble wrap you could use cotton, although this is a more expensive option but still easily affordable. After you have placed the protective materials around the items you have to secure them. The easiest way to do this is by using packaging tape. Bind the packing paper, the bubble wrap and any other protective layer to the item itself. Later, when you unpack it you can easily severe the packaging tape and remove the protective materials. Just be careful not to stick the packaging tape to the item itself because it is rather difficult to remove. In order to protect it even further you can cover the box with newspapers. This way you will protect whatever is in the box from rain or dust that may go through the sides or the narrow openings in the box. Some of those precautions may seem unnecessary and in most cases they are. But if an accident strikes and you are not prepared you are going to feel sorry for your earlier decision. Whenever you are done with a packing of a breakable object you need to put it in a box which must be labeled properly to remind you that inside there is a vulnerable item. Then load the box in the vehicle making sure you don’t drop in on the way or when you unload it in your new home. If you are packing pictures with frames or books or old photographs, it is best if you arrange them neatly in order-one next to the other. Don’t put one on top of the other. It is better for them to hit the bubble wrap and the packing paper rather than each other if you drop the box or if you hit in something. Try to pack them as tightly as possible in the smallest possible box. The more immovable they are the more safe will they be. Of course, be careful not to crush or rumple them in the process.

Follow those tips and your most precious possessions will make it safely to your new home.