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06 June 2016
Tips for Getting a Really Low Removal Quote
Tips for Getting a Really Low Removal Quote

Tips for Getting a Really Low Removal Quote

Moving from one residence to another in this economy can be a burden on anyone’s finances. When it comes to moving houses, one of the biggest expenses is that of hiring a house removal team. You may set yourself a really strict budget, but when you hire a professional team, you’ll be adding a substantial expense to your budget. It is usually a cause for worry for most families and people who move homes, because while managing the entire packing and moving process on your own is a very difficult and very exhausting task, paying a steep price doesn’t make the alternative very appealing either!

That said, there are some really nifty tricks using which you can get your removal company to knock off quite a bit of money from their asking quote. Using these tricks, you’ll be reducing the workload the removal team has to do, which means they won’t be charging you as much, and at the same time, you’ll only be taking on tasks that you can manage on your own.

The first step is to purchase all the packing material on your own. If the removal company brings the packing materials with them, they’ll be including the cost price of the materials and possibly a little extra, in their quote. You can do the math yourself: imagine how much money you can save on things like cardboard cartons, newspaper layers, bubble wrap, tape and labels! The company will, for the sake of professional appearances, use materials that are brand-new and of the highest possible quality, which means they will be terribly expensive. You can buy tape, labels and bubble wrap at wholesale office supply stores and save a lot of money. You probably already have lots of old newspaper lying around at home- use that to add cushioning to your cartons. As for the cartons, if you have some, reuse them and if you don’t, ask friends and family if you can borrow theirs. You can also visit your neighbourhood stores, supermarkets and retailers and if you ask nicely enough, all of them will let you take the cartons their products come in.

Next, do your packing on your own. The removal team’s task is usually in three stages: packing, loading/ transporting and unloading. If you remove one of these stages by managing them yourself, you are effectively cutting out 1/3rd of the process! It might not lead to a 1/3rd reduction in price, but the difference will be substantial. And since lifting items and transporting them on your own are the really difficult parts, why not save a lot of money and take on the task that you can manage?

Browse around and let the removal companies you contact know that you are shopping for competitive prices. This is a great motivator and urges most companies to lower their quotes significantly, especially if a number of them are situated in the same locality and are, in essence, competing for the same customers. While there will be a base limit as to how low they can go, you will have enough room to leverage this tactic to your advantage.

Make clear, specific labels for each box. Removalists usually have techniques or standard practices by way of which they lift and load your belongings. For instance, boxes with fragile items will be placed clear of other things, boxes with heavy books will be placed at the bottom of the pile and so on. By labelling your boxes properly you will make it very easy for the removals teams to know where everything is which means they will spend less time trying to figure things out and decide what goes where. And since many house removals businesses charge on an hourly basis, by lowering the time they spend on your job, you’ll be charged lesser!