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06 June 2016
What-If Questions During a Move
What-If Questions During a Move

What-If Questions During a Move

It often happens that just right before the house move we start doubting our choice of a moving company, we get worried whether we will finish packing on time, whether things will go well on the moving day and all sorts of thoughts can make us wonder what if. It’s normal to be worried about the house move, especially if you’ve never done it before, but you also need to know the common what-ifs and how you can remain calm and avoid the stress.

What if the removalists don’t come?

Despite all preparations months before the moving day and the numerous talks with the moving company, this is still one of the most common fears of those moving house. What if the movers simply don’t show up? If this happens to you, remain calm and try to contact the moving agent or the driver of the rented truck. Sometimes delays or accidents can be the cause of that, but it could also be a misunderstanding about the date of the move. If the mover refuses to come, the situation will be quite tricky for you. Try to contact a company that you have previously been in touch with. If you can’t find an available one for the day, try hiring man-and-van service or simply go around town and look for a truck to rent. If the move is off the peak season, you have better chances at finding a mover at the last minute, but you will also take all the risks of that. If you can’t work out the move for the planned day, postpone it for as soon as possible.

What if the rented truck loses my reservation?

Another issue which sounds hard to believe, but it can happen, especially during the peak season when reservations are done literally every day and they are also cancelled and rescheduled. If the rental company doesn’t have much experience in the business, a mistake can easily happen. In this hard situation you simply need to have a back-up plan. Knowing which agencies to call straight away to try and rent another truck is vital. Having a list of contact details and prices is always useful.

What if my friends and relatives who promised to help bail out?

This is a very possible situation, especially if you have asked these people a few weeks before the moving day. It’s great to have some help by people you trust and without having to pay for that. Keep a list of people you can call who you think would be able to help you despite the short notice. Remember to offer drinks and snacks during the day and try to make the process easy for everyone – these are your friends, not slaves or professional rented movers.

What if you can’t move into the new home as soon as you arrive?

Another tricky situation, which can happen and lead to frustration and stress. You might need to pay extra for transporting your belongings to a temporary storage facility. You will need to find accommodation until the place is free to move in. If it’s a mistake of the landlord, then insist on them paying the storage fees at least. Consider that such things may happen so having a little extra money in the moving budget is advisable.

What if some of your things are missing after the move?

Remember that it’s your responsibility to check off all your items after the move, because you know better than anyone what’s been packed and moved. If there is anything missing, use the inventory list to claim insurance for it. Moreover, reporting the missing or damaged items should happen not later than a few days after you move in.