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06 June 2016
Your Top Five Packing Accessories
Your Top Five Packing Accessories

Your Top Five Packing Accessories

When it comes to moving house, there are five great things which will make moving day and packing up very much easier. Spend a little on these and your save a lot on possible breakages. You’ll also save a lot of your time, which is worth its weight in gold in the busy time of a house move.

1. Bubblewrap: this has to be one of the most under rated inventions of the twentieth century. Before bubble wrapping came along, we were covering our most precious valuable antiques, dinner services and painting in newspaper, or squashing them between clothes. Ouch: the possibilities for breakages during the move were almost endless! Now, it was invented in 1957 but didn’t really hit the domestic market until the 1980s. Originally, it was used for packing IBM computers. But this sealed air system, where small bubbles of cushioning air are trapped between layers of polythene, is absolutely brilliant for packing up your valuables. A little goes a long way, so you don’t need to bundle up those plates in a huge blanket of the stuff. Just one or two wrap arounds, sealed by tape, is enough of this superb protective wrap. For the best value, order in bulk from a specialists removals packaging supplier: do NOT buy the small rolls from your local store or post office. That works out far more expensive.

2. A tape gun: another simple one. They cost little, but you’ll shave hours off your time when sealing off your packed boxes with good quality packing tape. No more scissors (which always seem to go missing) or biting off the ends. Just run the tape quickly across the box, twist … and the tape breaks off cleanly and quickly. A little thing like this makes a big difference. And … don’t forget the tape. Lots of it. Strong, brown, good quality packing tape – no cheap clear alternatives as they are a false economy. You’ll use more, and the boxes could well break open when lifted.

3. A clothes hanging box: load all your closets and wardrobes straight into a tall, cardboard box with a hanging rail. This relatively new invention in the house removals industry does two main things. First, it saves you time again. Your clothes go straight from the wardrobe, still on their hanger, into the tall box. Second, it keeps them clean and crease free in transit. No more folding and you don’t need to find somewhere to pack those bulky and awkward hangers elsewhere.

4. A marker pen: in fact, about five marker pens. Just in case some go missing during the bustle and inevitable mess of packing. Mark your completed boxes with their contents, which room they are for and any special instructions in LARGEE letters. FRAGILE, HEAVY and THIS WAY UP ONLY go a long way to keeping the contents safe. Some specialist removals boxes, especially those supplied by removals services, even have tick boxes saying which rooms the box is destined for. This saves you even more time.

5. Clear plastic boxes: one for each member of the family who is moving and one for the kitchen. This is where you should keep your toiletries, cleaning fluids and last minute essentials. The locking lid, waterproof kind are best, with a handle for your kids to carry theirs around with them. You can see exactly what’s in there, so reaching for the all purpose cleaner to wipe down those surfaces one last time is easy. Your toiletries wont be able to leak on anything else. And your kids can see and easily where all their particularly special things are.