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Marylebone Removals Man and Van Service

Man and Van LondonOdds are if you leave the house during the day you will see a man driving a van. It’s such a common sight that they may almost go unnoticed. They are unsung heroes, who work tirelessly day in, day out. They build things, move things, fix things and more. They keep the world moving. Within their vehicle they have everything they could need for their job, from tools to more men. They drive all around helping people. Wherever they are needed, they will be there, offering a service that they spent their whole life training for and mastering. It is for these reasons and more that we employ them, because at Marylebone Removals we believe there’s no better solution for your move than a man in a van.

There are so many people who could do this. As mentioned, men in vans are a common spectacle, so how do we decide who to hire? Well, it’s simple; we hire the best. We look all over for industrious individuals who know their job inside and out. We need people who know how to pack belongings, load them, transport them and more. If they can do all the services we provide to a high quality then have passed phase one. We don’t just want people who can do the job well, we want people who will go the extra mile to help our clients. Moving to a new home or office can be a difficult so we want to have staff who will make it simple. They have to be polite, patient, understating, flexible and more. We want our customers to walk away thinking about how easy the process has been and to remember how friendly the staff were.

Man and Van UKThe amount of work our employees put into your home or office move is staggering. They will take care everything that needs to be done, starting with the packing. They will arrive at your current residence equipped with everything they need, such as bubble wrap which is used to cover your items to stop them from being damaged or dirtied. Once they are all secure we can start putting them in appropriate containers. Cardboard boxes are the most common but we have plastic and wood if the end for them arises. If furniture is too much hassle to deal with as it, they we can dismantle it expertly and have it rebuilt for you later. It can take about a day to fully pack up the average two bedroom house, so your packing problems will be over before you know it.

Once everything is packed then we can begin to load your good. Our men are more than capable of carrying heavy goods without worry of dropping them. They also do everything delicately so that no harm will come to them or you. Their vans, or lorries when necessary, are kept in top condition and will securely get all your things to your new address on time. Once there they will begin to unload and unpack everything for you. They cans et things up and rebuild furniture. They know how to get large objects through small doors and upstairs so they can have your home the way you want it.

Do not just think that our men operate in the Marylebone area, as we can come and help you move in, around or out of London. If you’re going a bit further then we can help you with any international moves also.

So the next time you see a man in van he may just be coming to help you with your move.