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Packing ServicesPaperclips are a simple, practical item designed for holding paper together and yet studies show that only one in every ten of them are actually used for the purpose in which it was designed. We saw that these little pieces of metal wire could be so much more and have adapted them for whatever we need. Bubble warp was intended as a easy way of packing items, it evolved into something else. Some people would be content to spend hours just popping each and every bubble. It’s simple, addictive fun and a great stress reliever. We at Marylebone Removals see it as both, as it is a tool that will help your move be trouble free.

We have make a point to have as much stocked at all times so whenever we are called in for a move we have all you could ever want. Calling us on 020 8746 4342 will be a great start to having your move sorted out. After getting to know you and how we can help we can start to form a plan of action and see what services you require. Our flexible pay plan means you only ever pay for what you use so you will get the best deal. Then, if you so require, we’ll arrive at your current address armed with quantities of bubble wrap to get your move started.

Packing and Boxes CompanyOdds are you own many things. Books, DVDs, TVs, CDs, computers, files, cutlery, kitchen utensils, clothes and numerous pieces of furniture are just some of the things you would find in your average home or office. You rest easy in the fact knowing that you always have these things at hand when you need them so it’s important that you get them to your new residence. However, a move can be tough on your belongings because they can be crammed into boxes, dropped, shaken about in vans and more which can dirty, damage and break them. We find this unacceptable and that is why we use bubble wrap. It can be cut to any size and easily fit around anything, no matter what shape or size. It will cushion your goods so that all these aforementioned dangers will pose no threat. We supply as much as needed and so you don’t have to worry about spending large amounts to buy your own.

Bubble wrap is just part of our packing service though. We also utilize other materials such as polystyrene. It can be used in a wide variety of ways as it can be used to secure larger items in boxes so that they don’t shake about as well as be cut into pieces so that smaller goods will be cushioned.

None of these things would work though with out some high quality containers. We have boxes for whatever your needs. Large boxes for furniture and smaller ones for files and ornaments. We will provide specialist containers for some items, such as boxes designed for holding cutlery and wardrobe boxes that are specifically designed to protect clothing. If you are transporting items that require something tougher than cardboard we can also provide boxes and out of plastic and/or wood.

If need be we can dismantle larger objects to make them easier to transport. This may not sound ideal but it will make it easier to carry and move, which ensures it’s safety. Once it arrives at your new address we will immediately rebuild it for you so you’ll never be without.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the services we offer so get in touch to se how you can have an uncomplicated, stress free move.