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Marylebone Removals Storage

Self-StorageAmerican comedian and actor Steve Wright once said that you can’t have everything, because where would you put it? It’s a good philosophy, encouraging us to not overburden ourselves or seek out excess. It can be problematic though if you find yourself suddenly without the space you put everything and this is something can come up multiple times when it comes to moving home or office. One of the key reasons for your move is that you want a bigger place that can accommodate you properly or maybe you move into somewhere that is smaller than your current residence. What do you do when you can no longer fit your life in-between your walls?

For whatever reason you’re moving Marylebone Removals is here for you. We employ an experienced and knowledgeable team of people who can take care of all your moving needs. You can get in touch with us no matter what your moving quandaries are. Do you just want some advice on where to begin? Do you need some materials for packing? Do you require transport? Do you need assistance moving abroad? Or do you need somewhere to store some or all of your possessions? If you answered yes to even just one of these questions then do not hesitate to contact us.

We can take care of your questions over the phone so this can be settled in no time. When it comes to packing we’ll send as many people as it takes, who will be provide you with boxes and wrapping for your goods. Then they get to work, carefully organising and putting everything in containers but only after then have been covered by materials to guarantee their safety. Once done, we’ load everything for you so there’s no need to worry about heavy lifting then we’ll load up our transport and they’ll be off to your new address.

Storage ServicesBut what if you don’t want everything taken to your new home or office? We’ve already mentioned that you may not have the space you previously did, but what if you can’t move in straight away or you want to do things gradually? All of this can be answered by storage facilities, which are a part of the service we provide. We can take your things directly to the storage vicinity where we have many different containers and lockers. No matter what you want us to look after, big or small, few or many, we have the space available.

Everything will be listed on an inventory when it firsts arrive so you have full accountability and it helps us to keep track of everything. Then we start to put everything in wrapping to help add an extra layer of safety. This also helps keep things clean so even if we have your things for a long time they won’t get dusty or dirty.

The containers themselves are specifically made for their purpose and so can withstand anything that damage to your goods. Wind, rain, hot or cold temperatures and more will pose no threat to your things. If you have an item that has specific needs (such as needing to be at a certain temperature) we can accommodate you. The area is secure and protected at all times. No one but you and us (with your permission) will ever handle your goods. Whenever you need any of your things come by at any time to collect them but don’t hesitate to ask us to deliver them to you.

Call us now on 020 8746 4342 and we’ll provide you with the space for everything.